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We’re a growing company that offers the ability to access smartphones remotely, among other innovative services. To make this possible, we’re looking for Equipment Hosts to help us acquire, maintain, and house our devices. Many of our valued business partners utilize this service to monitor their advertisements, as well as to ensure that other companies’ ads comply with the rules and regulations of the countries where they’re displayed.

Join us in making advertising more transparent and accountable!


Requirements & Responsibilities

● A broadband connection or 4G router at your location.

○ Our monitoring is mainly done using a 4G / 3G
connection since the ads we monitor only
appear when 4G / 3G is active.

● Use your wifi connection.

○ Even though our main work is using a 4G / 3G
connection we require to use wifi since some of
our work will require it

● Strong 3G / 4G reception on all major mobile operators
Adult Ad Monitoring

Our business partners monitor all types of ads. 

These might be hosted in popular sites like Youtube, or news websites in your country. But they also monitor websites with adult content or websites where gambling is advertised.

If you want a further explanation feel to contact us regarding this. This only, applies where adult content is allowed.

 ● Perform regular checks on the devices to make sure that both WiFi or 3G/4G data are enabled.

● Keep the phones connected to their charger 24/7.

○ The applications we use require a lot of battery, so it’s easier for the phones to be connected
constantly even if the battery is full

● Recharge credit / data for the phones with when it’s not possible for us to do it remotely

● To be responsive and proactive to carry out what’s needed from us at
your earliest convenience. Our working hours are London-based (9-7)

Sometimes we will require the following:

● Purchase of sim cards for the phones. We can do almost everything remotely but something like sim procurement is hard doing remotely in those cases we ask for your help.  We’ll take care of all expenses, don’t worry!

● To buy new batteries for the phones when needed, along with chargers
or/and other similar accessories if needed. We’ll take care of all expenses, don’t worry!

"Once everything is set and running there will be times you wont hear from us for a couple of weeks! And when you do we will it will probably be to restart the phone, a task that takes 2 mins"
Valente Vidal
Founder & Director

Benefits & Compensation

  • A monthly payment of 100 – 200 EUR depending on the country and the amount of phones you can host.

  • Contribute to ensuring the transparency and compliance of mobile ads in your country.

  • Become a part of our growing community of equipment minders.

How To Join

If this sounds like an opportunity you or someone you know would be interested in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, if you have contacts in any country in Europe or Africa who might be a good fit, we would greatly appreciate any introductions or referrals.

To apply simply fill in our Google form


If you have any questions or would like to know more contact us via Email: